Meet Christopher

My name is Christopher Rashad Green. My story is one of Redemption and Hope! Currently an Organizer in Richmond, VA, my path to redemption opened up many years ago.

Arriving in Richmond nearly 25 years ago, and as a formerly incarcerated individual, I have been blessed to share my testimony resilience and empowerment. In 2010, it was revealed to me that my success in life, would only come by serving others, serving my community. After being released from incarceration in 2013,  this RETURNING CITIZEN, through Volunteerism, Community Engagement, and years of working in the Food Service Industry, I was blessed to come across an organization called New Virginia Majority!

I saw how they advocated for individuals like myself. Who advocated for the rights of a better life for all individuals. No matter what race, religion, ethnicity or sexual preference! They Advocated for a New Democracy! At this time, in the summer of 2016 the governor of Virginia, The Hon. Terry McAuliffe, and then Secretary of the Commonwealth Levar Stony, spearheaded the legislation to restore the voting rights of 200,000 returning citizens, enabling us to vote in the 2016 election. I was one of those individuals!

And on August 15th, 2016, I had my voting rights restored. After nearly 30 years, I voted in a Presidential election for the first time.  Subsequently, through continued Service and Civic Engagement here in Richmond, I’ve been blessed to become a Community Organizer for New Virginia Majority where he heads Court Watch of Central Virginia (CWCVA); a Lay Health Promoter with Crossover Ministries; and a member or the Richmond Food Justice Alliance. As I’ve stated many times before, “I’m not a Community Activist, I’m a Brother Striving to stay Active in Our Communities!”

The Walk on this Path of Redemption continues…!